Quality in education and human capital

   During our work we have also discovered than buildings and materials, are not the answer to everything. What is most important for development is commitment at the community level. In most activities in our projects community are deeply involved partecipating in expenditures and works.

 It means to work with people and people need to see they have the power to change their lives.

In education we operate to improve the quality of education from ECDs to Secondary Schools.

 During the years more than 500 teachers have been trained twice at year in cooperation with Dhulikel Hospital (health) and Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Law (Rule of Law).

 But we believe this work is not enough if we will be not able to find out new ways and methods for trainings which must be directed to improve the relation between teachers and pupils in order to make teaching more effective.

During the conflict we were able to improve the capacity of SMCs members organizing educational law trainings for around 350 people.

Periodical Community meetings and auditings are another way to involve people and to contribute in enforcing human capital. At the end of 2006 we published and distributed to all community our magazine Namuna (Example) in nepali.



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