In January 2006 we signed a cooperation agreement with Dhulikel Hospital, one of the best managed and community oriented health structure in Nepal. This cooperation is directed to integrate children support activities we are doing in the area.

In Timal some Health Posts should operate and Dhulikel Hospital is managing a Health Center in Bolde Pediche. No activities have been never made to assure basic and structured health controls to children.

With the Hospital we create medical teams and we visited more than 6000 children and around 2000 people. We set laboratory in the villages and we distributed de-worming and vitamins.

We collected many informations (see research page above) and we study actions for water sanitation in some schools where worms are more diffused.

Paediatric camps have been scheduled twice at year to monitor the area and to treat patients. Seven Health Workers (selected in the villages) constatly work with the schools. 

During teacher and facilitator trainings we have introduced health and sanitation and, during 2006, we distributed materials and documentations to all schools and ECDs .

The programs are still operating but in a lesser scale; during 2007 dental visits were introduced.

Our idea is to create a sort of insurance system based on community health fund managed by the SMCs which could be utilize for children hospitalization in Dhulikel Hospital. This fund has been implemented in 4 schools.


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