Give opportunities: infrastructures

The main area where we are working is Timal (KAvre District) where there is no electricity. It means people has not opportunities to develop, to create cottage industries, to have a future. Many people is forced to migrate because in the hills there is not chances for a better life, to have children well educated, to receive health assistance, to find job opportunities.We believe  to improve education, health and  to create opportunities might be a way to avoid social and cultural disintegration.

During 2005 we has several meetings with people of Timal and all together we decide to utilize the chance given by NEA (Nepal Energy Authority) Rural Electrification program to create a local grid in seven VDCs. (Basic Grid Plan is avaible in research page above)

Cooperation & Development Nepal with engineers did a detailed survey of the area and we published a technical project which was presented to the community; lawyers prepared plan by-the- laws and rules to manage the cooperative (called TCRECA)

In this way the Shakty Project started and in 2008 the local grid is under construction.

We mobilized community and we formed a local users cooperative which board members were elected by local groups and trained by Tribhuvan University lawyers.

Local users groups were informed and they were able to collect around Nrs. 3000 each householder (56.000) to deposit the 20% of the cost of the grid building as NEA required.

From middle of 2007 the cooperative is self-managed with support of Karuna INGO and Centro Cooperazione Sviluppo (ONLUS).

But we are proud to be able to mobilize community  throughout trusteeship and transparency to initiate this work and we hope it will be well managed.

In January 2007 a big fire destroyed several houses in Thulo Parel VDCs we provided to all families new roofs (picture down)


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