Projects where people of Cooperation & Dev. Nepal are working:

Education: Project “Building the Future”
Early Childhood Development Centre :

Since 2004 we have established 53 Early Childhood Development
(ECD) Centers in the area managed by community committees.
ECDs have been furnished with daily nutrition,didactical materials and
play tools to create a friendly educational environment.
We selected 53 facilitators (all women from disadvantages groups)
on a salary basis along with training.
More than 840 children from 3 to 5 year are enrolled in the ECDs.
We are building 4 pilot ECDs in order to assure a better learning

Primary Schools :

Cooperation & Development Nepal (NGO) is cooperating with community in supporting Primary School System in Kavre District by providing them
with school buildings, teachers, didactical materials and training in order to improve enrollment ratio and
quality of education. The project started in 2004. Under the project there are 26 primary schools. Three
primary schools have been built by Cooperation & Development Nepal (NGO), 21 were renovated/repaired and 2 are still under construction.
The buildings were completed with the contribution of community
volunteers and materials under the aid of Cooperation & Development Nepal (NGO). These schools are
supplied by didactical materials and salary for teachers.To improve
quality education Cooperation & Development Nepal (NGO) organizes didactical, management and
awareness trainings for teachers, School Management Committees
(SMCs), Parent’s Associations and communities in cooperation with
local District Education Office. More than 3,300 children receive
school materials and books twice a year to assure their educational
rights and help their families in affording the education.
Cooperation & Development Nepal (NGO) in cooperation with the SMCs constantly monitors the state
of the children and the quality of education.

Secondary Schools :

Cooperation & Development Nepal (NGO) works to help children and family in completing the educational cycle
by supporting the secondary school students with coaching classes,
complimentary books and school materials.
In 2005, the project was started to establish the first 10+2 classes in the Timal
area to permit the access to the universitary studies. It has already built the
school and two classes (management and education) will start in the year 2063
Quotas are reserved on the basis of gender and underprivileged groups’ positive

Chepang Education :

Cooperation & Development Nepal (NGO) is supporting the primary education of 320 chepang children in
cooperation with the local partner. One full board school has been
opened (in the village of Tandi) and another has been supported (in
Kairahani) both in Chitwan District.
Following field survey Cooperation & Development Nepal (NGO) is studying activities in the villages for the
catchments villages of the schools.
Local Governance and Rule of Law : Project “Empowerment”

The goal of this project is to enlarge the rights-based approach and the awareness
of duty and rights to the stakeholders . Cooperation & Development Nepal (NGO) thanks the Legal Team formed by
Faculty of Law (Tribhuvan University)for their cooperation in these areas of action.
Community, SMCs, local Committees will be involved in law education,
management, social participation and rule of the law in order to increase their
capacity to be actors for their individual for social development.
Community auditing, monitoring and evaluation of the projects are already
common in Cooperation & Development Nepal (NGO) activities. This project wants to extend and to improve their performances in order to help in creating capacities to job and to ask for rights to local and national institutions in the communities.

Child Rights : Project “Enforce Children Rights”

In Kathmandu Cooperation & Development Nepal (NGO) is supporting local NGOs engaged in Children home for children with parents in prison, HIV affected and IDPs. The project is directed to increase the capacity of the NGOs and to enforce their activities by connecting and coordinating them. We work to increase synergy and to facilitate the actions for protection of basic rights of children.

 Women Empowerment : Project “Cooperate with the Helpless”  sewing project in KCJ

In cooperation with PA Nepal Cooperation & Development Nepal (NGO) started a sewing project in the female section
of the Kathmandu Central Jail at the end of 2005. More than 40 women are
involved and they are trained to produce dress and other items for them and
their family,uniforms for children in Cooperation & Development Nepal (NGO) educational projects in Kavre, and
materials for fair trade in Kathmandu and abroad.
They will get a chance for social reintegration and income for them and their

Poverty Reduction and Micro-Finance : Project “Break the Poverty Cycle”

Since the beginning of 2005, Cooperation & Development Nepal (NGO) in cooperation with SMCs in Thulo Parsel started an
income generation pilot project through microfinance. A detailed survey of 565
householders showed that 64% received loan from privates (interest rate 110%) for
food integration, education and farmer activities.
This project is directed to increase income level and to help in the food security of poorest householders, farmers through buffalo milk production and to improve the capacity of SMCs and community to manage microfinance cycle.
The project will be extended and new activities will be implemented to improve productivity of the buffalos.

Health : Project improve the life

In 2006 Cooperation & Development Nepal (NGO) in partnership with Dhulikhel Hospital started a children primary
health project in the area.More than 3500 children are visited by teams of
doctors and health and lab camps will be set in the concerned villages.Primary
care, emergency actions, state of the children health are the objectives of
the first phase of the project which is directed to implement an health system
in the area and to act against the main disease surveyed in the first phase.
Health workers have been trained to be facilitators to the access to medical
structure form Health Post to Dhulikhel Hospital. Emergency Funds are active
to support the right of health for the poorest.Schools and community are involved in the project throughout
health, prevention hygiene awareness meetings, schools and community trainings, family medical visits.

Infrastructure Development : Electrification Project “Change the Life”

More than 50.000 people are involved in this project which is directed to activate the NEA Rural Electrification
program to build a local grid and to create a Users Cooperative charged to manage it.
The Project started in 2006 brought to the creation of local users committees in all the 7 VDCs concerned
which elected the member of the formed Timal Rural Electrification Cooperative Let. Cooperation & Development Nepal (NGO) is going to
support them thanks to consultancy provided by a Legal Team set by Faculty of Law (TU).
New job and business opportunities will reach the area when it will be electrified. It is a message of hope
and development in an area where no changes has been done to the people other than farming.


 Kavre District, Kathmandu and Chitwan.


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