In this page we publish researches written by Cooperation & Development friends and partners

This research has been made by Mr. Keshab Raj Adhikari   and it is a quite rare study on Tamang of Timal area. The work is focused on Thulo Parsel one of the villages of the area where we have projects.

Research on Thulo Parsel Tamang

Faculty of Law (Tribhuvan University) collaborated with our organization in improving rule of law and legal knowledge in the community, schools and SMCs in the area of projects. In 2006 the Team prepared a research work on Conflict and its impact in nepali law system:

Research on “impact-of-the-conflit-in-nepali-law-system”

At the beginning of 2007 Giancarlo Sabatti Fausto was in Nepal for a stage in our organization. He worked with our staff to write a survey of the schools under our project in Timal area and Chitwan. He wrote a dissertation which was presented in his university in Bergamo (Italy). With our staff, he analyzed educational data (trend in enrollment, drop out, repetition, etc.). education-report-timal-project-area

In 2006 in cooperation with Dhulikel Hospital we began the Health Project directed to assure medical visits and treatments to more than 6000 children in Timal. The project should be integrated with School Funds directed to facilitate hospitalization for children as well trainings for health facilitators, schools and SMCs. The medical teams visited all the VDCs in the project and they published the following reports:

About Bolde Pediche: bolde-pediche-community-dignosysis-report

About Sarmathali: sarmthali-community-dignosysis-report-sarmathali-vdc

About Thulo Parsel: thuloparsel-community-dignosis-report

In 2005 our technical team made a detailed survey of Timal and prepared a technical project for a new electric grid to cover seven VDCs, here the basic plan: timal-grid-basic-plan


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