we are

 We are a group of people (Nepali and foreigners) operating since long time in projects and activities in Nepal and in Cambodia. Our work has been focused on education, health, community development and in wide spreading opportunities and capacity to community and people.
We believe that NGOs and INGOs must be partners with people and community and with them they should study, implement and monitor all activities and projects.
We should like the organizations working in international aids work with local partners (both private, community organizations) to help them in increasing they capacity to provide services directly to beneficiaries. Instead to have crowded and expensive offices in the capitals.
We work to uplift people from the community instead to employ urban elites.
We should like to export the best practices of private companies where the aid industry is often ineffective and money wasting. Some of us established the INGO CCS Italy (Centro Cooperazione Sviluppo ONLUS) in Nepal and Cambodia since 2003 and we started in partnership with the local NGO CCS Nepal (Center for Cooperation and Develooment) the projects still runned by both organizations. This is the reason why we are looking carefully the work of the italian INGO and sometimes we criticized some methods and practices which are opposite to our ideas of development and partnetship.

Cooperation & Dev. people fact sheet:
ECDs: 2 built, 48 established and running (Kavre District)
Primary Schools: 4 built, 6 repaired or enlarged 43 volunteer teacher’s salary,
36 supported (Kavre District), 1 boarding school built and 1 supported for
Chepang education (Chitwan).
Secondary education: 1 10+2 established, 21 volunteer teachers salary (Kavre)
Quality of education: regular training for primary teachers, ECDs facilitators,
SMCs and PTAs, distribution of didactical materials and tools for classes and
schools (Kavre, Chitwan) and didactical materials for students (Kavre and
Chitwan); coaching classes for secondary schools (Kavre).
Primary health: medical visits to 5000 children, pediatric camps. Distribution of
de-worming, hygiene and health awareness programs in 36 schools in
cooperation with Dhulikel Hospital.
Nutrition: daily meal integrations for 830 children enrolled in ECDs (Kavre).
Total number of direct beneficiaries:
Schools 38, students enrolled 4500
ECDs: 48, children enrolled 830
Teachers and facilitators CCS supported: 112
SMCs and PTAs members involved in awareness, management and law
trainings: 221.

 Partnership and Cooperation
UNICEF, ICRC, Little Flower Society, 12 Dicembre ONLUS, Centro Cooperazione Sviluppo, Faculty of Law (Tribhuwan University), Dhulikhel Hospital


Collaborators and Consultants
Kul Man Ghising (Engineer)

Binju Consulting Engineers

Hari Prasad Pandey (Auditor – M.B.A.)

Dr. Ram Kanta, Dr. Sujan Maharattha (Health)

Prof. Guna Neupane, Dr. Tara Sapkota (Law)

Laba Prasad Tripathee (Education)

Bijen Rajbhandari (IT)






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